Lorenz EN 13274-7 aerosol generator

The European Standard EN 143/149 used to define multiple tests for respiratory protective devices. In the most recent draft from 2017 all test methods have been removed and it now refers to EN 13274-7 instead.

Lorenz’s paraffin oil aerosol generator has been modified accordingly to deliver the correct aerosol particle size distribution and mass concentration. Typical aerosol parameters from our EN 143/149 generator are shown in direct comparison to the new EN 13274-7 generator. The mass concentration can be adjusted over a wide range; listed values correspond to the normative defaults.

With particles from the new generator being larger they coincide less with a typical filter’s MPPS (most penetrating particle size). Preliminary tests show reduced filter penetrations/higher efficiencies, as expected.

EN143/149 Generator EN13274-7 Generator
Count median diameter185 nm325 nm
Geom. std. deviation2.02.0
Concentration (adjustable)(15 – 25) mg/m³ (15 – 25) mg/m³

Fig. 1: Plot of the two particle size distributions (log.-normal distributions).

The modification presented here is also available as an upgrade kit. Get in touch with us to verify if your generator can be upgraded!