Our aerosol generator AGW produces aerosol from liquids, such as paraffin oil, DEHS, PAO, DOP, etc. It’s based on a pressurized two-substance-nozzle and is used for numerous normative tests.

Standard tests

Filter testing

  • EN 143
  • EN 149
  • ISO 16900-3
  • DIN 24185
  • TL 4240

Smoke detector tests

  • EN 54-7
  • EN 14604


  • Integrated controller for full automation
  • Adjustable aerosol concentration by pulsed operation
  • Adjustable output volume flow, depending on the use case
  • Adjustable particle size distribution
  • Multiple interface options (RS232, Ethernet, USB, DIO, ADDA) for process control or integration into existing systems

Modular concept

The next generation of our aerosol generator is based on a fully modular concept. Calibration and certification is carried out at our premises and we send the fresh units to our customer who can replaces them within minutes themselves. This not only minimizes down-times but is also more cost-efficient.