Based on our customers’ experience with the FMP03 we designed the successor: the FMP04. It provides an optimized user experience as well as enhanced functionality.

It is designed for facial masks and flat filter media testing. Two photometers, one up- and one down-stream of the filter, measure the test aerosol concentration which yields the filtration efficiency. An integrated differential pressure sensor is used to determine the pressure loss of the filter in question. A pneumatic system automatically re-configures the flow so that both flow directions can be tested in a single run.


  • filter testing according to ISO 16900-3, EN 143, EN 149, NIOSH CFR 42 Part 84 or custom testing (e.g. with DEHS)
  • automated measurement of differential pressure in both flow directions (EN 143, EN 149, EN 14683)
  • air permeability measurements according to EN ISO 9237
  • fully automated operation
  • volume flows up to 300 l/min.
  • filter mount designed with quick-change system
  • modular system: components that need calibration can be replaced by the customer
  • integrated industry computer with 19″ touch LCD
  • optionally with remote-control-interface, e.g. for integration into production lines
Front view of the FMP04