Aerosol generators

Our aerosol generator form an essential part in many of our products. They work with either paraffin oil or sodium chloride, depending on the application. The aerosols are used to test smoke detectors and determination of filter efficiency.


The AGW is a complex generator system based on a two-substance-nozzle, which can either be operated in standalone mode or as a control device for our test tunnels. It works with paraffin oil (or compatible liquids) and offers an adjustable particle size distribution, aerosol concentration as well as output volume flow.



The LAG generator is a simpler generator than the AGW and is based on a Laskin-nozzle. It can be used with paraffin oil or sodium chloride solution, as well as other liquids. Very high aerosol concentrations can be generated with with device by parallel operation of multiple Laskin-nozzles.