How are filters and half masks tested normatively?

Test methods and normative requirements for filters and filtering half masks are specified in the European Standards EN 143, EN 149 as well as the international Standard ISO 16900-3 (besides others). As a manufacturer of such testing machines we are well versed in the specifications and like to present a short overview in the following. […]

Lorenz EN 13274-7 aerosol generator

The European Standard EN 143/149 used to define multiple tests for respiratory protective devices. In the most recent draft from 2017 all test methods have been removed and it now refers to EN 13274-7 instead. Lorenz’s paraffin oil aerosol generator has been modified accordingly to deliver the correct aerosol particle size distribution and mass concentration. […]

Respirator and surgical mask testing

In view of the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus we decided to publish a short recap about proper personal protection equipment and their standardized testing methods. Surgical masks and respirators are used by many for professional as well as personal applications. Both devices protect its wearer from hazardous factors and environments while the focus of […]