The SP3 consists of a long drop tube with a detector at the bottom to simulate the dust generation in packaging or dosing applications. It implements the drop method described in the German standard DIN 55992-2 and measures the time-resolved attenuation of a laser beam.

Determination and monitoring of bulk materials’ dust values is an important task for many industrial applications. Too much dust generation can lead to increased maintenance and/or repair costs on machines. It furthermore poses certain health risks when particles are in the respirable size range. Typical application fields therefore include process control and monitoring, quality control and environmental technology.

Our SP3 has been established as a standard method to determine the dust-value. Its automated operation is ideal for in-line production control.


  • real-world-like dust generation
  • determination of integral dust content
  • short measurement times (60 s)
  • small samples
  • high reproducibility
  • user-friendly
  • automatic cleaning