Fire detection systems

Fire detection systems can be found in almost any building, independently of whether it is a private, public or industrial building. Smoke-, heat-, ionization- or line-detectors constantly monitor the surroundings and sound an alarm in case of fire. They play a pivotal role in preventing, or at least reduce, material and personal damages.

To ensure a reliable operation of these devices they have to be tested thoroughly according to applicable standards, such as EN 54 or EN 14604 in Europe. Around 20 years ago we developed the first test tunnel that allow our customers to test their detectors with highest precision. Through constant developments and adjustments to changing normative requirements we can offer you our EN 54 test tunnel with numerous extensions and modifications to fit your needs.

EN 54 Test tunnel

This is a modular test tunnel that will be configured to your specific needs. It can be equipped with various optionally available extensions or according to your specifications.

Calibration tunnel

We specifically designed this tunnel for calibration of smoke detectors in production environments. Multiple devices can be measured simultaneously and their response value be determined.


The AML is an obscuration meter that is used in our EN 54 tunnel or, as a special variant, in fire test rooms.