The MPCU is a Ringer-Bath-handler, originally developed at the Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen. It is used in patch-clamp-setups first described by Prof. E. Neher and B. Sakmann.

We manufacture the MPCU which mainly consists of two separate units:

  • Fluid level controller
    Allows for precise fluid-level control in e.g. tissue sample baths.
  • Differential pressure controller
    A precise pressure control is required to generate gigaseals in a patch-clamp-setup. The controller can further be used for application of drugs or other agents with a pipette.

Technical properties

Fluid level controller

  • sensor sensitivity: ± 0.1 mm water column (0.98 Pa)
  • response time: < 1 s
  • repeatability: 0.1 mm water column
  • maximum flow: 1 ml/s
  • alarm: adjustable between +1 and -0.5 mm water column

Differential pressure controller

  • adjustable range: ± 100 cm water column (± 9.8 kPa)
  • response time: 1-2 s
  • repeatability: 1 mm water column (9.8 Pa)
  • input sensitivity: 10 cm water column / Volt (0.98 kPa/V)
  • output sensitivity: 0.1 Volt / cm water column (0.102 V/hPa)