Tests and procedures for particulate air filters are defined in the European standard EN 1822-1, which references the international standards ISO 29463-2 to 29463-5. Next to the reference test, a scanning method applicable to all defined filter classes, a much faster oil thread test is allowed to detect leakages. It can be used for all filters of class H13 and H14 and for those which cannot be scanned (such as V-shaped filters).

Typically the oil thread test is performed manually with a bright light source. We decided to take it to the next level and implement a fully automated version. A scanning laser and computerized camera detection system detects and documents all leaks in very short time. It provides a higher sensitivity than manual testing and automatic report generation makes it ideal for quality control.


  • standards-compliant oil thread test according to ISO 29463-4 (formerly EN 1822-4)
  • fully automated testing
  • applicable for filters of class H13 and H14 as well as non-scanable filters (V-filters etc.)
  • high sensitivity and reproducibility due to camera-based detection system
  • short test times: 1.5 min. total test time, 2 min. including filter insertion
  • optional repair-mode with live-view to fix detected leaks
  • Measurement of differential pressure at nominal volume flow
  • designed for filters up to 610x610x450 mm in size (other sizes on request)
  • automatic documentation and report generation
ViScan 2023

An overview and demonstration of the ViScan in action can be seen in the video below. The video shows the predecessor of the current ViScan.