COVID-19 Information

We, as manufacturer of testing equipment for particle filters and face masks currently receive many requests for our products and services. We therefore created this page to summarize and update all relevant information revolving around COVID-19. If you require more information or have further questions please contact us directly.

Overview articles

We created two short overview texts where we elaborate the properties and testing methods for filtering and surgical face masks:

Our testing equipment and services

General information

Due to the currently high demand for respiratory protective devices two German certification institutes (The Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance and DEKRA Testing and Certification GmbH) published simplified testing procedures. It is similar to the EN 149 and specifically tailored towards testing “Coronavirus pandemic respiratory masks” (CPA masks). Please note that these masks do not classify as personal protective equipment and are not equivalent to EN 149 approved masks.

For further information please refer to these links:

The correct choice of respiratory protective devices for airborne diseases has been investigated thoroughly after the spreading of SARS and avian flu. A similar article is available from the US Center of Disease Control (CDC).